New generation of natural, effective, high-precision antimicrobials based on bacteriophages, to target and eliminate harmful bacteria 

Harnessing the full potential of phages to develop novel antimicrobial compounds

Our Solution

MEDEA Biopharma is a lead discovery biopharmaceutical company developing new generation of high precision  microorganisms to kill harmful bacteria by using bacteriophages. MEDEA Biopharma validates bacterial targets, discovers effective bacteriophages and enables scalable tailored applications in various industry fields. 

Founded by lead scientists

Rüdiger Trojok, Dr. Elene Kakabadze, Giorgi Khubua and Alexander Skripnik founded MEDEA Biopharma in 2022 to revolutionize bacterial infection treatment and solve the antibiotic resistance issue. 

Rüdiger Trojok

Managing Director

Dr. Elene Kakabadze

Chief Scientific Officer

Giorgi Khubua

Managing Director

Our industries

Potential to tackle multiple fields by personalized bacteriophages of MEDEA Biopharma with different application modalities

Human Health

Personalized bacteriophages in infectious diseases to kill AMR bacteria & reduce antibiotics. 


Personalized cosmetics with safe, effective bacteriophages to kill harmful bacteria.

Food Safety

Bacteriophages as prophylactic antimicrobials supplementing antibiotics in food chain.


Bacteriophages as antimicrobials supplementing antibiotics in agriculture chain. 

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